Procurement Funding Solutions

The crucial daily issue for every enterprise is cash!

How much do I have to pay my suppliers and how quickly will I get my invoices paid? How can I pay for the goods required to fulfill a contract without breaching my banking lines?

The hard pressed Director finds it difficult to find sympathetic bankers that understand that “trade means cash flow – not risk”!

Having fought long and hard to win that elusive order the last thing you want is to get into a protracted negotiation about terms of payment with your suppliers.

Let us facilitate a financing structure so the financier becomes the “buyer of the goods”. We ensure he is secured by directly accessing the payment obligation from your buyer.

As long as the underlying sale is established through a secure payment mechanism, this means it can be used as the risk base for the procurement security.

How it works: The financier funds the procurement including any import tax and VAT and takes a “charge” over the proceeds from your buyer’s payment, remitting the balance back to you the seller having repaid the “procurement account” and expenses.

The benefits of this type of financing are:

  • 100% financing of procurement, including VAT and import duty
  • No impact on company cash flow – the financier guarantees payment of the procurement and is then repaid from the underlying sales contract
  • The Company’s existing banking arrangements are unaffected
  • There is flexibility as to when you wish to use the facility
  • The arrangement can be used in conjunction with your existing Factor or Financier

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